EasyJet troubleshooter Jane Boulton becomes TikTok sensation to whole new generation of fans

Jane Boulton easyJet airline star on Tik Tok
By Lisa James
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EasyJet troubleshooter Jane Boulton, who found fame on the ITV reality show Airline, has become an unwitting TikTok sensation, with clips of her no-nonsense style hitting 26 million views.

Jane, who starred in the hit show from 1998 to 2006, found out from her children – a 16-year-old and twins, aged 13 – that she’s become an idol to a whole new generation of fans.

Jane, now 52 and called Jane Lee, told Metro: “About four months ago, one of the twins went to me, ‘Mum, you’re all over TikTok.’ I was shocked, it was 20 years ago.

“I don’t even know how to work TikTok so I don’t know what’s going on.”

Comments on the social media site include: “Jane is an absolute icon. Putting entitled people in their place.”

Jane, who now works for Hertfordshire County Council and runs her own cake-making business, Party Paradise, said: “People are saying hello to me in the street, and shouting my full name.

“I’m glad they recognise me because that must mean I haven’t aged to look completely different.

“I’ve seen so many sweet comments, and I try to reply to as many as I can. 90% of them are lovely. It’s very touching that people call me an ‘icon’.”

Jane, along with Katrina Batham (also known as Katrina Leeder, pictured above, left, with Jane) and Leo Jones, became household names during the ITV fly-on-the-wall documentary, which showcased the work life of staff at airlines including easyJet.

But looking back, Jane said the TV show made her look like ‘such a cow’.

“The programme was edited to show the passengers missing flights and not having the best time because obviously, everything going smoothly was never good TV,” she said.

“I do understand their frustration, and I had to try to remember that it wasn’t personal.”

A year ago, travel agents called for easyJet to draft Jane back on to the team to help sort out problems at Gatwick.

Resfeber Travel Director Arron Mitchell posted on his company’s own Facebook page as well as the Travel Gossip Facebook group to ask: #whereisjaneboulton?

He said: “We know there has been a huge amount of disruption across the UK but what we really want to know, easyJet, is where exactly is Jane Boulton?”

TV and radio presenter Rylan Clark, who had interviewed the trio on This Morning in 2018, also called for the team to come back last summer, tweeting: “You know who would sort out this airline crisis in literally an hour…” followed by a photo of Jane, Katrina and Leo.

In November, co-star Leo Jones was given a five-year restraining order after stalking a GB News presenter.

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