EasyJet lays on rescue flights as ATC disruption continues into third day

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By Linsey McNeill
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EasyJet has laid on a number of rescue flights to bring home holidaymakers stranded across the Mediterranean following Monday’s air traffic control meltdown.

It will operate five  flights to London Gatwick over the next three days.

They will operate from Palma and Faro today, from Tenerife and Enfidha in Tunisia on 31 August and from Rhodes on 1 September.

An easyJet spokesperson also told Travel Gossip that the airline will be operating larger aircraft on key routes, including Ibiza, Faro, Dalaman and Tenerife to provide an extra 700 seats this week.

Eurostar is putting on an additional return service to Paris today, after adding an extra two departures from London and one return from Paris yesterday.

The extra service today departs from London St Pancras at 9.15am and leaves Paris Gare du Nord at 1.43pm, but Eurostar is urging people to only go to the station if they have a ticket to travel.

Meanwhile, airlines continue to suffer delays and cancellations as they struggle to repatriate some of the 300,000 customers affected.

Jet2 confirmed this morning that it has delayed almost 50 flights until tomorrow due to the ongoing knock-on effect of Monday’s outage.

Below is the list of flights that have been postponed overnight until Thursday. Jet2 said customers due to travel will be contacted again at 8pm this evening and local teams in resorts will be making arrangements for them.

LS1713 – Manchester to Zante (Zakynthos)
LS1714 – Zante (Zakynthos) to Manchester
LS925 – Manchester to Majorca (Palma)
LS926 – Majorca (Palma) to Manchester
LS905 – Manchester to Crete (Herkalion)
LS906 – Crete (Heraklion) to Manchester
LS1747 – Manchester to Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)
LS1748 – Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) to Manchester
LS947 – Manchester to Naples
LS948 – Naples to Manchester
LS951 – Manchester to Corfu
LS952 – Corfu to Manchester
LS791 – Manchester to Rome
LS792 – Rome to Manchester
LS827 – Manchester to Bourgas
LS828 – Bourgas to Manchester
LS941 – Manchester to Girona
LS942 – Girona to Manchester

LS759 – Manchester to Menorca

LS760 – Menorca to Manchester

LS927 – Manchester to Kefalonia

LS928- Kefalonia to Manchester
LS1835 – Bristol to Ibiza
LS1836 – Ibiza to Bristol
LS1869 – Bristol to Paphos
LS1870 – Paphos to Bristol
LS641 – East Midlands to Alicante
LS642 – Alicante to East Midlands
LS655 – East Midlands to Paphos
LS656 – Paphos to East Midlands
LS1449 – London Stansted to Rhodes
LS1450 – Rhodes to London Stansted
LS1447 – London Stansted to Faro (The Algarve)
LS1448 – Faro (The Algarve) to London Stansted
LS1503 – London Stansted to Dalaman
LS1504 – Dalaman to London Stansted

LS1677 London Stansted to Crete (Heraklion)

LS1678 Crete (Heraklion) to London Stansted
LS1365 – Birmingham to Crete (Heraklion)
LS1366 – Crete (Heraklion) to Birmingham

LS307 Belfast to Fuerteventura
LS308 Fuerteventura to Belfast
LS335 Belfast to Zante (Zakynthos)
LS336 Zante (Zakynthos) to Belfast

LS293 Leeds Bradford to Catania
LS294 Catania to Leeds Bradford

Meanwhile, data aviation company Cirium has revealed the full scale of the disruption. Its figures claim 1,585 flights were cancelled on Monday (799 UK departures and 786 arrivals). A further 345 flights were dropped yesterday (182 departures and 163 arrivals). As of 9am today another 64 have been cancelled (30 departures and 34 arrivals). The majority of disruption has been at Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester.

It has emerged that an incorrectly filed flight plan has been identified as the cause of the system shut down. Chief Executive Martin Rolfe said in a statement: “Initial investigations into the problem show it relates to some of the flight data we received.”

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