Dubrovnik says media reports of wheeled suitcase ban are ‘completely untrue’

Dubrovnik wheeled suitcase ban
By Harry Kemble
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Dubrovnik has insisted it has no intention of imposing sanctions on tourists who use wheeled suitcases in its historic city centre.

The city’s tourist board has been forced to respond to widespread media reports in the UK, which stated a ban on using wheeled suitcases would be introduced in November and tourists would be fined €265 (£226) if they violated this rule.

The claim, repeated in several publications including the UK national press, said the ban had come about because residents in the walled city were fed up with being woken up in the night.

However, Dubrovnik and Neretva County Tourist Board has now issued a statement to clarify the situation.

It said: “We would like to emphasise that this claim is completely untrue.

“In fact, the city administration of Dubrovnik has not implemented, nor does it have any intention to introduce any penalties regarding the use of suitcases in the historic centre.”

The tourist board said a month ago it had released an information video to explain what was expected of visitors to the historic city, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The video included a recommendation about using luggage in Dubrovnik because the wheeled suitcases generate a loud noise when they are rolled over the ancient city’s cobbled streets.

It added: “The intention of the City of Dubrovnik is not to impose sanctions but rather to provide quality information to visitors about acceptable behaviour.

“For this reason, we used mild, universal and easily understandable forms of communication.

“Therefore, municipal wardens do not resort to fines, their role is solely to inform visitors all with the aim of ensuring a more authentic and high quality experience of Dubrovnik.

“We promote sustainable tourism, with the residents of the city as the main protagonists.”

The city added: “We believe that when our residents are happy and satisfied, visitors to the city will be even more content, leading to an even higher quality service provided.”

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