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By Harry Kemble
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An intoxicated mum dropped her baby as she was asked to leave a TUI flight that was about to depart from Manchester Airport.

Nurse Beth Jones, 27, and her partner Kieran Cunnah, 30, who had been drinking vodka for five hours before boarding the flight to Crete in May last year, also shouted abuse at airline staff, a court heard.

Tameside Magistrates’ Court heard Mr Cunnah was so drunk he fell into the arm rest in front of him as he tried to leave the middle seat. He then attempted to pass the baby to Ms Jones, but she dropped her, causing her to fall off the seat and cry.

The baby was then placed back on the aisle seat but fell again after Mr Cunnah brushed past her.

The child was uninjured, according to The Sun.  

Brian Wilson, one of the flight attendants who dealt with the couple, told the court: “It was the worst situation I’ve ever had to deal with, not just because they were drunk on a flight but more because they were so incapable of looking after their own child.

“When I saw the child drop from the aisle seat, I went down to pick her up but then felt Cunnah’s hand on my shoulder.

“They were very unsteady on their feet, Cunnah even grabbed me to steady himself at one point.

“I had to take five or 10 minutes to gather myself after what I had just dealt with.”

The pair had arrived early at Manchester Airport because of a warning about security delays and purchased a bottle of Ciroc vodka from the duty-free shop.

“They had a meal and then went for drinks at the bar before departure, however, they then found their flight had been further delayed to 4.45pm and this meant their consumption was prolonged,” said Eileen Rodgers, prosecuting.

“[They] decided to return to the departure lounge and finish off the bottle of Ciroc vodka with mixers they had also bought from the duty-free.”

Defence lawyer Michelle Mann told the court Mr Cunnah is a ‘nervous flyer’ and that the couple had been told by an airport bartender to order two drinks at a time because of how busy it was.

Ms Jones, from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, and Mr Cunnah, admitted to being drink on an aircraft and child neglect.

Ms Jones was ordered to complete a 12-month community order, along with 20 rehabilitation days and 90 days of abstaining from alcohol and fined £50 on top of £195 costs.

Mr Cunnah, Mickle Trafford near Chester, who is currently serving a 32-month sentence for causing serious injury by dangerous driving in an unrelated case, had his prison spell extended by three months and was ordered to pay £100 costs and a £128 statutory charge.

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