Driver fined £100 for pulling over in airport no-stop zone after crash

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By Lisa James
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A driver has appealed a £100 fine for being stationary in a ‘no stopping’ area at Bristol Airport after a collision.

Steve Usher, a private hire driver, had to pull over after his vehicle was from behind by another car, just after he had dropped off passengers.

He told Bristol Live: “It was really busy, there were queues to get in and out. When I got out of the exit barrier of ‘Drop and Go’, it was gridlocked.

 “I couldn’t pull away or my vehicle would have torn off the front of the other car.”

He said that while they were trying to free the smaller car and he was exchanging insurance details, ‘the airport car with the camera actually stopped to see if we needed help or if anyone was hurt’.

He received the fine for stopping in a ‘no stopping’ zone a week later.

“They fined me £100 for being hit up the backside, it’s too ridiculous to be true,” he said.

“There’s no phone number to call anyone when you get the fine, but I appealed it straight away.”

Bristol Airport told Bristol Live that road management is provided by a third party provider and it was unable to comment on individual fines.

However, a spokesperson said: “All of the internal roadways at the airport have experienced a longstanding issue with vehicles stopping in unsafe areas, particularly on pedestrian crossings.

“This poses a high risk to the safety of our customers, colleagues and business partners and causes delay and congestion to other road users.

“We conducted research with other airports around the UK and investigated the use of an external company providing us with an enforcement service. Signs across the site further underline the message to all customers.

“Drivers breaking the rules may face charges which will be enforced through a combination of fixed cameras and mobile patrols.

“Facilities are available close to the terminal for vehicles picking up (Short Stay and Pick Up) and dropping off (Drop & Go) passengers, and a waiting zone offering free parking for up to 60 minutes is available.

“The free car park is located by the entrance to Silver Zone and is linked to the terminal by a frequent shuttle bus service.”

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