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By Lisa James
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Travel Gossip members are fuming over a discussion about COVID on Good Morning Britain, in which Dr Hilary Jones said ‘travel is the problem’ for the spread of the virus.

During a segment to talk about the confusion over travel to amber countries and concern about the Indian variant in the UK, presenter Adil Ray said travel should be stopped for the next few weeks.

He said: “There’s far too much uncertainty. Give everyone a bit more time. For the next four or six weeks, we are going to ban all travel until we know a little bit more. Isn’t that the sensible thing to do?

“In a months’ time, maybe six weeks’ time, the scientists will know a little more about what’s going on, what this variant is doing. More people will be vaccinated. We could still have our summer holiday in July and August.

“Something has to give. We have all got to make some sacrifices.”

Dr Hilary Jones said: “How did Covid-19 get here in the first place? Aviation. How did the Indian variant get here? Aviation. It’s travel that is the major problem.

“As a doctor I have to ask a question: Is a holiday really important in a global pandemic? It really isn’t. It’s a luxury. It’s something that you can do without in order to preserve life.”

He added: “I have to admire the Australians. They have said no travel for anybody until March next year. Next year. That’s why they have no Covid there.

“That’s why they can go to concerts, cinemas, theatres and enjoy a normal life, because they have been strict and people accept that.”

One agent urged GMB to “Stop Talking! You lot are making it more confusing!!!!!”

Another Travel Gossiper commented: “I’ve been screaming at the TV. My neighbours are going to think I’m nuts!!”

A third said: “Do they know how much damage their talk is doing?”

Other Travel Gossip members described the discussion as a ‘car crash’, ‘horrendous’ and ‘cringeworthy’.

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