Don’t Peak too soon: One swamped homeworker’s account of the sales season so far

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By Linsey McNeill
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Christmas is over and Peaks have begun. Here’s one homeworker’s account of how it’s going…

Is it just me, or does the impending sense of Peaks fast approaching after Christmas stop us hard working agents truly relaxing over the festive period?

Peaks get earlier and earlier every year, with many campaigns starting as early as 19 December this time. Let us relax and have a breather before the madness begins please suppliers – or at least buy us a drink first!

My ever active and anxious brain starts pondering the inevitable pre-Peaks questions: Will it be busy? When will Peaks ‘peak’? And what new gimmicks/tricks/discount codes/direct exclusives will certain suppliers pull out of the bag to tease clients away from agents?

Will we see two peaks, as one industry Queen predicted? Time will tell, but if my early bookings are anything to go by things look promising and I’m starting to get excited.

One thing that can always be predicted every Peaks is the onslaught of ‘tyre kickers’ expecting miracles from the January sales.

For a homeworker, these messages start coming in on Christmas Day, when the high street agents are quite rightly closed and relaxing. The tyre kickers are sitting at home, messaging us via social media, with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

These customers have to invest their own time to go and sit in a high street shop, whereas us homeworkers are ‘lucky enough’ to have them message from home – little customer commitment required.

“When are we in a position to book this?” I will always begin. “Probably end of January,” the customer replies. “Ok see you then,” I reply and into the Meta Business Suite done box they go.

A parting shot I will leave you with would be a plea to the Big Three to go easy on us agents this year…

Jet2holidays: You are our fave gurl, but how about adding an agent call to action on all ofyour myJet2 marketing (like other ads of yours) so that our customers know they have the option of redeeming this with us as well?

EasyJet holidays: Your terms are very generous, but by the time we have matched direct with a hefty discount code, we’re not making much and this could have an impact on your agent-friendly hard work so far.

TUI:  Much improved, with fully funded discount codes and improved terms for many consortia.  But your sassy ‘price beat’ communication to agents is a little rich. Do you not undercut our agent price on your direct website – or have I had one gin fizz too many?

Over and out. Have a fabulous Peaks everybody.

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