Dog earns top cruise status after completing 55 sailings

By Lisa James
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Carnival Cruise Line has a unique new member joining the top ranks of its loyalty club – a retired US Army service dog named Sarge.

While sailing on Carnival Celebration last week, Sarge reached Diamond status of the Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) Club.

Carnival says that, in Sarge’s case, the P stands for ‘pooch’.

The 14-year-old Belgian Malinois has just completed his 55th cruise and was honoured during Carnival Celebration’s Platinum and Diamond loyalty event, for spending more than 200 nights at sea.

Carnival President Christine Duffy said: “What could be more fun than celebrating a beloved four-legged friend as a Diamond cruiser?

“We’re proud to celebrate and support veterans at Carnival, as the cruise line that carries the most service members, and I’m delighted to count Sarge among them.”

Sarge spent most of his life serving in the military and now lives and travels with his owner, Justin Marcum Sr, who is also a Diamond member of Carnival’s VIFP Club.

The VIFP Club offers a variety of exciting benefits and perks to the line’s most loyal guests, meaning Sarge has access to an exclusive web portal where he can enjoy members-only specials, promotions and other offers.

Awarding Sarge’s honour, Carnival Celebration Cruise Director Lee Mason said: “I have shamelessly confessed that some of my favourite cruisers have four legs and wet noses.

“This is a special story that I was honoured to play my part in.”

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