Do you know a colleague in need of a Christmas dinner?

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By Lisa James
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ABTA LifeLine is to give away 30 Christmas dinners to people in the travel industry who are going through hardship.

The charity also wants people who aren’t struggling to consider donating to support industry colleagues who are. Any money donated will help them pay for essentials and bills.

ABTA LifeLine Director Trudie Clements said: “Christmas can be a time of real hardship and we are delighted that we will bring some relief to 30 families from all over the country.

“If you think a special dinner will help alleviate your current circumstances – or know someone for whom it will – please send us an application form.

“This is also a time for giving, so for those who can, please consider donating the cost of your favourite gingerbread latte, your Christmas cards or even your office Secret Santa to ABTA LifeLine.

“I’m sure those who would have received it would be happy to know this donation has gone to a really good cause.”

Ms Clements said people in need will be sent food vouchers to spend in their local supermarket to buy their Christmas dinner under the charity’s ‘Gift of Christmas’ campaign.

Current or former travel industry professionals can nominate themselves or someone else who is experiencing financial difficulty this year by filling out a Gift of Christmas application form.

Applicants will need to upload supporting documents, photo ID and proof of having worked for an ABTA Member. 

To donate, visit the ABTA LifeLine Gift of Christmas fundraising page and to find out more about applying for one of the Christmas dinners, visit the ABTA LifeLine website.

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