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By Neal Baldwin
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It’s been one of Walt Disney World’s most popular rides for more than 30 years, but now that Splash Mountain has officially closed there’s still a way to share in the fun – by buying some of its old water.

The much-loved Magic Kingdom log flume shut up shop last Sunday, with crowds reportedly hitting a record three-hour wait time for those wanting a nostalgic final slide.

And now, some cheeky ‘Disney Adults’ – an extreme band of Mickey and Minnie fans – are selling jars of water supposedly swiped from the ride on the last day, with bids reaching $50 on eBay.

It’s impossible to know if it’s genuine, or simply collected from the nearest kitchen tap.

Disney decided to ditch the ride following complaints that it featured characters from the 1946 movie ‘Song of the South’, which features racist stereotypes.

After remodelling, the ride will reopen in 2024 as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, based on Disney’s first Black princess.

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