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By Lisa James
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Travel agent Amanda Pollock is celebrating after securing a £70,000 twin-centre Caribbean booking.

Amanda, a homeworker with Your Holiday Booking, who lives in Northern Ireland, said the sale has boosted her endeavour, after admitting her confidence and mental health has struggled during COVID.

Amanda Pollock

“It has been hard in Northern Ireland as we have had tougher restrictions than in England,” she said.

“After 37 years in travel I would never give up, but it was definitely hard to stay positive.

“You feel so demotivated that you start to doubt yourself and your business.”

The £70,000 booking was for a repeat client who wanted a family break later this year to Barbados and another Caribbean destination, and who asked Amanda for suggestions.

“I have been to the Caribbean a few times, but I reached out to other in-house agents on our Vertical Travel Talk group chat for some options of what might be a good fit with Barbados and Grenada, the Spice Island, was suggested by a few who had been.

“My clients loved the idea so they are spending a week in Barbados and a week in Grenada this Christmas with their two sons, staying at the Spice Island Beach Resort.”

“This booking has given me a huge lift. It’s been a hard year and a half. I have not had any government support so basically earnt nothing.”

Your Holiday Booking Sales Manager Suzanne Brunt said: “I have worked closely with Amanda for the last six months when nothing was happening in Northern Ireland. She is an inspiration.”

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