Customer demands compensation after fellow passenger dies on BA flight

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By Linsey McNeill
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A British Airways customer has demanded compensation after the service on their flight was disrupted while crew battled to save a dying passenger.

The customer’s complaint, originally posted on the Facebook group ‘British Airways Complaints Advice’, has gone viral after being reposted by users across other social media platforms.

Twitter user Andy Monks copied and pasted the entire Facebook post in a tweet, saying he ‘was left gobsmacked’ by the complaint.

In the original post, the customer said they were flying from Jamaica to London on 21 December when a passenger sitting two rows behind them ‘passed away in the most horrific way’.

The customer, who was travelling with five children and their pregnant sister, said they were traumatised and saddened by the experience. 

Flight crew allegedly performed CPR on the passenger in an attempt to save her life, which went on for an hour, according to the customer.

During the incident, which happened three and a half hours before the flight – which previously been delayed taking off – was due to land, the normal inflight service was disrupted, they said.

“We did not receive a thorough flight experience that we had paid for,” they added.

They also said their family had ‘many sleepless nights’ since.

In their complaint to BA, they said: “I would like to hear from British Airways, what you plan to do in order to compensate your passengers that had to deal with this ordeal.”

They said they were surprised that the airline had not been in touch ‘to check on our well-being, apologise for the experience, and offer some sort of compensation or counselling’.

BA told Travel Gossip: “Safety is always our highest priority and our crew colleagues were focused on providing first-aid.”

Earlier this month, Jet2 passengers endured a similar experience on a flight from Antalya to Glasgow, and TUI offered traumatised customers free counselling after a turbulent landing at East Midlands airport. 

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