Cruise line (partially) reverses unpopular change to booze policy

By Linsey McNeill
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A cruise line has done a partial u-turn on its decision a month ago to end pre-cruise sales of bottles of spirits to be delivered to guests’ cabins.

It said guests can now pre-order liquor (spirits, such as whisky and gin), but they’ll only be allowed one full-size bottle per cabin, regardless of the number of guests. Guests can also pre-order two bottles of wine.

However, they can only pre-order liquor on cruises of at least seven nights.

Carnival Cruises told Cruise Hive that it had initially withdrawn pre-cruise liquor sales to try to curb anti-social behaviour.

However, the decision proved so unpopular that it has reversed the policy, but not for shorter cruises, which tend to attract a younger, livelier crowd.

In a statement sent to Travel Gossip, a Carnival spokesperson said: “As we continue to evaluate trends and guest preferences, we are allowing the purchase of a full bottle of liquor prior to embarkation for stateroom [cabin] delivery when guests arrive to the ship on itineraries seven days or longer.”

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald told Cruise Hive the original decision to discontinue pre-cruise booze sales in late October was to ‘more safely monitor alcohol consumption’.

“The decision has been made so that we can more safely monitor alcohol consumption,” he said.

This story was updated on 30 November to include the above statement from Carnival’s spokesperson

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