Cruise line bolsters security as president warns passengers over behaviour

By Harry Kemble
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Carnival Cruise Line has warned passengers they will be punished if they misbehave or use illegal drugs on board as it revealed security has been tightened.

In a video message posted on Friday, President Christine Duffy confirmed extra security guards have been brought on board, and sniffer dogs introduced at the line’s homeports.

She went on to explain that passengers faced fines, being confined to their cabins, being removed from the ship and banned from future sailings if they step out of line.

Christine added recent news coverage and social media posts of people behaving ‘badly’ on cruise ships, in shops, restaurants, at sporting events, in schools, on airplanes and at theme parks had prompted the move.

In recent years, videos of fights on Carnival Cruise Line’s ships have gone viral including one in September 2022 and another in February 2018 which led to a family of 23 being removed from a sailing in Australian waters.

“All guests must now acknowledge and commit to our code of conduct during the check in process,” Christine said.

“So, whether it’s smoking illegal substances or disruptive behaviour – there are consequences in place for those who do not comply.”

She added: “Our guests should not be surprised if they see dogs come on board at both our homeports and destinations to make random searches.

“Illegal drugs including marijuana on cruise ships and in cruise terminals is prohibited.”

Christine explained how a youth curfew had been introduced on board and the line’s latest safety and security policies were available to read on ticket contracts given to passengers.

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