Cruise fans thrilled at ‘policy change’ on MSC Virtuosa – but was it a hoax?

MSC Virtuosa smoking ban
By Linsey McNeill
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Cruise fans have called for a smoking ban in onboard casinos after a sign appeared on MSC Virtuosa warning its casino was to become a smoke and vape-free zone.

A member of a Facebook cruise lovers’ group posted a photo of the no smoking and vaping sign, which they said had been taken outside the casino.

The printed sign, which bore the MSC logo, said the ban would take effect in the ‘signature casino’ from the following day, 18 February.

However, several other users said they were in the casino after 18 February and smoking and vaping was still allowed. One user said the sign was ‘fake’ and suggested the poster had made it themselves.

MSC Cruises told Travel Gossip a smoking ban had not been made official – yet.

“We will keep you updated on any updates from the MSC Cruises team once we can confirm that this policy has been implemented on any of the ships,” they added.

However, hundreds of people posting on the Facebook group MSC Virtuosa Forum, which has 43,000 members, said they were in favour of a smoking ban. One wrote: “The only negative on our cruise on the Virtuosa was having to walk through the smoky casino; this is great news,” to which someone replied: “I used to hate walking through the casino, sometimes I nearly passed out holding my breath to get through the smoke.”

Users said they hoped the policy was MSC-wide, while others said they would like a smoking ban on all cruise lines. “Every ship should do this but I’ve a feeling they may well all follow suit in the end,” said one.

Smoking on cruise ships is banned in cabins and on balconies for safety reasons, but most have designated areas for smokers, including casinos.

The MSC website states that the company could fine passengers caught smoking in non-designated areas. It adds: “Repeated smoking in non-smoking areas can ultimately lead to disembarkation.”

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