Crew member arrested on Silver Whisper after death of newborn baby

By Kelly Ranson
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A crew member who was working on Silversea’s Silver Whisper has been arrested for voluntary manslaughter after the death of her newborn baby.

Cruise Radio reported the Filipino crew member had concealed her pregnancy and birth as she was afraid of losing her job.

 It is believed that her two colleagues she shared a cabin with had helped with the delivery of the baby. The baby was hidden in the cabin after the birth, it was also reported.

The mother was arrested on 19 May after seeking help when the infant, who was believed to have been two days old, sadly died.

Silver Whisper had left Rome the previous day on a nine-day one-way cruise to Villefranche-Sur-Mer. It was sailing along Italy’s Argentario coast, near the Grosseto province, when officers were alerted of the death and they contacted the local coast guard and authorities.

Cruise Radio added in its report that ‘upon boarding the ship, local officials inspected the cabin and other rooms. The dead baby was found wrapped in sheets on the mother’s bed while the mother appeared to be in shock’.

After being discharged from hospital, the mother was moved to a prison in Sollicciano, Florence. Her two colleagues also face charges of voluntary manslaughter.

An autopsy has been ordered into the cause of death, but no outward signs of injury were found. Italian media, L’Unione Sarda reported that after an initial examination, the death was not caused by suffocation, but the baby had been left without medical care and food.

Travel Gossip has asked Silversea for a comment.

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