Passengers endure a 36-hour detour after flight diverted

By Marco Marcelline
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A British couple has described taking an additional 36 hours to reach their destination after their Ryanair flight was diverted in bad weather.

Martyn Gray, 37 and Emma Gatenby, 38, from Darlington, endured a lengthy detour after their flight from Newcastle Airport on 25 September was diverted from its intended destination of Gran Canaria to Lanzarote (pictured), 130 miles away, after circling more than an hour.

The couple had to take two ferries and make a stop off in Fuerteventura before reaching Gran Canaria, 36 hours after leaving Newcastle, on 25 September.

Speaking to the Northern Echo Martyn said: “We got diverted to Lanzarote and the cabin crew told us to get our bags as normal.

“Everyone was trying to get to the Ryanair desk to ask what was going on but they couldn’t tell us. It was just chaos, there were older couples and a lady with a baby there, too.”

He added: “They put us up in a hotel for the night before we had to get another ferry to get to Gran Canaria, but no one told us when they were coming to collect us, we only found out from a couple we met at breakfast. I’m sure other people will have missed the coach.”

He added: “We’ve pretty much done a tour of all the Canary Islands.”

A red weather alert for Gran Canaria was issued by Spanish weather agencies on 25 September, which led to more than 140 flights being cancelled across the Canaries.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “This flight from Newcastle to Las Palmas (25 Sept) diverted to Lanzarote due to bad weather conditions and runway lighting failure in Las Palmas, which were entirely beyond Ryanair’s control.

“Affected passengers were notified and provided with overnight accommodation before being transported to Gran Canaria (26 Sept) when weather conditions improved the following day.

“We sincerely apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused as a result of these weather disruptions.”

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