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By Lisa James
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Two destinations have imposed time limits on the validity of the second jab for visitors and there are concerns more will start to follow.

The move is concerning, even for travellers who have been triple-jabbed, as currently the NHS COVID Pass is unable to log the booster jab.

The Department of Health is said to be reviewing the situation.

Austria and Israel have already imposed time limits on the validity of the second jab.

Austria initially imposed a 270-day limit after the second dose, but has now extended it to 360 days. The Austrian rule also applies to booster jabs, however boosters are not currently recorded on the NHS COVID Pass, the Independent reports.

Israel only allows visits if they are due to end no more than 180 days after the second dose. Travellers who have had the booster dose at least 14 days before entry into Israel are also welcome.

“As a result, many triple-jabbed British travellers face being excluded – though people who have proof of recovery from COVID within the previous 190 days will be allowed in,” the Independent says.

The Independent says it spoke to a pharmacist who said the NHS certification scheme was not designed with the possibility of a booster in mind.

The publication adds the Department of Health is reviewing the situation.  

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph has spoken to an unnamed travel boss who warned of ‘alignment problems around countries’ vaccine approaches’.

“There needs to be international agreement around this. The Government talked about having an internationally agreed approach at the G7 earlier this year but we have seen nothing come from that,” the source added.

The booster does appear on the NHS app under ‘medicines’ but is not currently on the NHS COVID pass.

The Department of Health said: “Booster vaccinations are not required for domestic certification in England and boosters are currently not recorded in the NHS COVID Pass.  

“Internationally most countries do not currently require boosters of a COVID-19 vaccination as part of their entry requirements. However, we are aware that some countries have begun introducing expiry dates on vaccination for travel.”

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