Could September be ‘main event of the year’ for travel?

By Lisa James
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Demand for overseas holidays this September could mean the summer of 2021 will be ‘longest yet’.

A study by Holiday Extras reveals an increase in bookings for September, ahead of the next Government travel update, which is expected on Thursday.

Holiday Extras asked more than 330,000 holidaymakers when they next planned to go away and while 39,000 planned an August holiday, the most popular month this year is September – with more than 45,000 respondents planning to fly away. 

What’s more, 58% of those who have already been abroad this year are planning to do so again before the end of 2021. And out of those who travelled in 2020, half intend to venture abroad in the last remaining months of this year.

The extended summer holiday trend looks set to continue for the rest of 2021, with 16% of those questioned planning to escape the UK in November and December.

Holiday Extras Head of Communications Seamus McCauley said: “With many holidaymakers waiting until next month to travel internationally, we’re now expecting September to be the main event of the year.

“As we go into September and October, more destinations are on the green or amber list, most people are double-jabbed so able to get away hassle-free, and we’re expecting the ‘summer’ to extend well into the end of the year as people who’ve been putting their trips off.”

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