Corporate lawyer who became a travel agent as a side hustle takes £175k of bookings

InteleTravel agent makes £175k selling holidays
By Linsey McNeill
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A corporate lawyer has booked £175k of travel since joining InteleTravel ‘as a bit of a hobby’ in January 2022.

Jenny Willcock, a Senior Associate with a London law firm, joined the travel franchise while she was on maternity leave, tempted by the idea of being able to access discounted deals for herself.

“I asked a friend how she was going on so many holidays and she told me she had joined InteleTravel and got access to supplier rates,” she said.

While Jenny initially only joined Intele to buy holidays for herself and her family, she says she started getting bookings from her mum, her mum’s friends, her friend’s dad and so on, until her hobby had mushroomed into a fully-fledged business.

She has now also launched her own website,, but she hasn’t started promoting it yet, she said, because she’s waiting for approval from Intele HQ.

“I got involved in booking holidays by accident, it’s quite addictive and it’s fun, it really is fun, and I’ve got the time to do this, otherwise I’d be sitting on the sofa watching TV,” she said.

Jenny, who works on mergers and acquisitions in her day job, said she uses the skills she’s learned as a lawyer in her travel business.

“I often have to read hundreds of pages of information, understand it and distil the information quickly,” she said. “In the world of mergers and acquisitions, you must be able to solve problems and negotiate, so it gives you an ability to do that with confidence when you are speaking to people.  

“You also have to keep calm under pressure and that can help if something goes wrong.”

Jenny admitted to earning a good salary at the law firm King & Wood Mallesons, but she said the discounts available to Intele agents mean she’s able to travel more cheaply. “By joining Intele, you can access some really great offers. I saved £1,600 on the Marriott in Dubai for me and my mum,” she said.

“I don’t necessarily need the money, but it isn’t about the money, it’s more about being interested in travel. [This] gives me pocket money.”

Most of her sales are to Dubai, the Caribbean and Turkey and two of her biggest bookings so far were honeymoons for £15k and £20k.

“I’m not about to give up my legal career but the two jobs are both flexible and complement each other really well,” she said. “There might be days when I can’t get back to clients with a quote because I’m busy, but I’m honest and tell people I’ll get back to them in 24 or 48 hours.”

Jenny has also joined PlanNet Marketing as a rep to recruit other agents, and six friends have since joined the homeworking agency.

While she has used her Instagram page, itsjustjennyg, both to sell holidays and post recruitment videos, Jenny insisted she’s more interested in booking trips than the multi-level marketing side of the business. She has another Instagram page, letgotravel4921, where she only posts holiday offers, and she has also posted occasional offers on her Letsgotravel Facebook page.

She said that despite posting several recruitment videos on social media, she doesn’t ‘actively recruit’ and ‘doesn’t fully understand’ how PlanNet Marketing commission works, but added: “I know a lot of people so I had so many people asking to join me that I put the information on Instagram, but I post mainly deals.”

“I’m getting more business outside my network and the target is to hit £250k of turnover by the end of the year,” she added.

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