Tourists urged to come back to UK as VisitBritain kicks off £10m ad crusade

By Steve Jones
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VisitBritain has launched a £10 million campaign to woo international tourists as COVID testing and quarantine rules come to an end.

The marketing crusade will target key markets in Europe and the US and will kick off next month.

VisitBritain Chief Executive Sally Balcombe predicted overseas visitors will be itching to return to the UK once Covid testing rules are ditched on 11 February for double jabbed arrivals.

“We know there is pent up demand for travel and our priority is to build back demand for Britain and visitor spending as quickly as possible, competing hard for international visitors who contribute billions to our economy,” she said.

The VisitBritain campaign goes live in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands in the week of 14 February and launches in the USA on 10 February.

As well as messages of welcome and reassurance, the campaign will focus on cities, contemporary culture and food and drink.

“Telling the stories of our renowned heritage with a modern twist, our buzzing contemporary culture and innovative food and drink scene, we are showing that Britain is packed full of fresh and exciting experiences to come and see today,” Ms Balcombe said.

She added that this year’s landmark events, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Commonwealth Games, will provide ‘once-in-a-lifetime experiences’.

The inbound sector has widely criticised the government for its lack of support and what it regarded as draconian lockdown measures.

But Transport Secretary Grant Shapps insisted the government made the ‘right calls at the right time’.

“Thanks to our vaccine and booster rollout it’s paying off – allowing us to safely remove nearly all COVID-19 travel restrictions for vaccinated travellers,” he said.

“We already have one of the most open economies in Europe with the least restrictions, and because of these changes we now have a travel sector to match it.

“This final step in our stable and safe full return to international travel is a major boost for UK tourism, setting Britain free ahead of the crucial half term and spring holiday season.”

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