Climate activists ‘plan to disrupt flights from UK airports’ this summer

By Linsey McNeill
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Climate activists Just Stop Oil are planning ‘to stage a campaign to disrupt airports during the summer holidays’, according to The Times.

It follows a stunt this week at Stansted Airport, when two activists doused two private jets with orange paint.

They were apparently trying to damage the jet used by megastar Taylor Swift, but this had taken off from the airport hours earlier, say reports.

A Just Stop Oil source reportedly told The Times that the incident was ‘a prelude’ to further action. 

However, they did not specifically state that they would be targeting regular passenger flights. Instead, they referred only to private jets.

The newspaper quoted the source saying: “This is just another way of us taking action in the theatres of life we exist in because we’re not politicians.”

They added: “Private jets are obviously mental for emissions and most people would agree they need to stop. It’s a wake-up call for government that we need big radical changes. If this incoming government doesn’t get us on war footing then we’re not going to have anywhere to fly to.”

The Mirror reported in April that the campaign group is planning to disrupt commercial flights this summer by storming terminal buildings, glueing themselves to runways and climbing on to aircraft.

An undercover reporter for the newspaper discovered Just Stop Oil was planning to team up with the Europe campaign group, A22 Network to stage protests at major international airports. 

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