CLIA bolsters website with trade-focused features

By Harry Kemble
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CLIA has added a range of trade-friendly features to its website including a booking guidelines page and a list of fam trip and training opportunities.

Details have also been shared about the new Riverbank fund initiative, which offers agents the chance to apply for up to £1,000 that can be spent on growing their river cruise sales.

The booking guidelines page contains details of how agents can make a booking with nearly 30 cruise lines.

On the CLIA Recommends page, the trade association has listed fam trip, ship visit and networking opportunities.

The latest training opportunities from river, luxury and expedition member cruise lines have also been added to the website.

CLIA has added details of its 2023 CLIA Cruise Master Award, which for the first time is open for self-nominations.

The award is on offer to agents who have achieved the master level certification.

CLIA’s new interactive sustainability toolkit, which includes reports, statistics, maps, posters and infographics, now features on the website.

Andy Harmer, CLIA UK and Ireland Managing Director, said the trade association was ‘determined’ to help agents capitalise on strong river cruise booking levels recently seen in the sector.

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