CLIA announces agent events for 2022

By Linsey McNeill
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CLIA will hold its main conference in Southampton next spring, followed by a river cruise conference in Budapest from March 20-22.

Delegates attending RiverView Conference 2022 will have the opportunity to spend two nights onboard river cruise ships.

Nine ships will be made available in Budapest from different cruise lines.

Ahead of the conference, RiverView Week will be held from 22 to 26 of this month. CLIA said it is working alongside its river cruise partners to bring agents a series of virtual events, including brand updates, panel discussions and a session on the Danube.

CLIA is also organising several luxury, expedition and river residentials. Further details will follow. 

In addition, it will publish a new-to yacht and sail cruising guide next year with sales tips, an explanation of how onboard experiences differ from traditional ocean cruising, and recommendations on the type of guests to target.

The guide, the latest in CLIA’s ‘new-to’ series, will include destination advice and mini-profiles of the different sail and yacht ships. 

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