City breaks for clients who ‘will go anywhere’, as long as it’s cheap

By Linsey McNeill
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You know those clients, the ones who say they don’t mind where they go and no, they don’t have a budget in mind but after you come up with a few fabulous suggestions it emerges they want a weekend away for two for £500 all in?

Well, new research by travel insurance firm Forbes Advisor has revealed the cheapest European destinations for a two-day trip for two. It says it analysed data from various cost of living websites, factoring in the price of return flights, accommodation, excursions, taxis and meals out including alcohol.

Its list of the top 10 cheapest city-break destinations includes three for less than £500 and the others all come in at less than £600 for a couple for a two-day break.

City breaks for less than £500

Warsaw in Poland is the cheapest city-break destination for travel from the UK, according to Forbes Advisor. It says eating out, alcohol and excursions are all cheap in Poland’s largest city, making the average cost for a two-day break just £426, including flights, accommodation, meals, taxis and excursions.

Sofia in Bulgaria is the second cheapest city for a couple, says Forbes Advisor, unless they’re going for a boozy weekend, in which case it might actually be a better option than Warsaw as alcohol is cheaper in Poland, but taxis are much more expensive.

Vilnius in Lithuania ranks in third place with an average cost of £465 for a two-day break for two people.

Which are the most expensive city breaks?

Bern in Switzerland ranked as the most expensive city-break destination, costing £1,128, followed by Reykjavik in Iceland at £1,022 and Nicosia in Cyprus at £1,004. Long-time favourite Paris is the fourth most expensive, costing an average of £960.

The top 10 cheapest European cities, according to Forbes Advisor:

Rank City Country Return flights (for two people) Accommodation (Two nights Excursion for two days Taxi for two days Meals out for two days Alcohol for two days Total 
Warsaw Poland £242 £124 £8 £5 £34 £12 £426 
Sofia Bulgaria £262 £94 £13 £18 £36 £10 £432 
Vilnius Lithuania £248 £116 £19   £16 £50 £16 £465 
Skopje North Macedonia £298 £128 £19 £6 £42 £18 £511 
Belgrade Serbia £392 £78 £6 £7 £12 £26 £521 
Prague Czech Republic £270 £172 £22 £11 £34 £15 £523 
Podgorica Montenegro £252 £134 £30 £28 £56 £28 £528 
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina £396 £68 £15 £9 £40 £10 £538 
Riga Latvia £282 £146 £30 £20 £44 £28 £550 
10 Bucharest Romania £258 £162 £19 £34 £76 £12 £561 

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