China to reopen to UK tourists this week?

By Linsey McNeill
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News reports claim that China is about to resume issuing visas to foreign tourists, including Brits, for the first time in three years.

Applications will be processed from 15 March, according to the BBC.

The report follows an announcement from the Chinese embassy in the US that it will begin issuing all types of visas again from Wednesday.

However, the UK Foreign Office has yet to update its advice for China and continues to say that eligibility for visas to enter mainland China remain ‘restricted’.

Tourists don’t need visas to visit Hong Kong or Macau.

The BBC says that, from 15 March, visas issued before China closed its borders at the start of the pandemic on 28 March 2020 will also be honoured.

And visa-free entry will resume in Hainan Island and Shanghai for cruise ships, it says.

Chinese citizens are also to be allowed to travel in tour groups to 60 countries. Previously they were restricted to just 20.

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