Carnival cruise ship rescues 24 people in Caribbean

By Linsey McNeill
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Carnival Spirit rescued 24 people who were stranded on a small boat in the Caribbean yesterday as the ship sailed between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The overcrowded boat was spotted by the ship’s captain as Spirit was heading to Aruba on an eight-night cruise from Miami.

Crew members managed to bring all 24 people from the boat onto the 2,680-passenger ship.

Blog site Cruisehive said the small boat was ‘obviously overcrowded and ill-equipped for a voyage of any length’. It added that there were ‘very few obvious supplies visible, no shelter from the elements, and not everyone aboard had proper lifesaving gear’.

All members of the group were checked by Carnival Spirit’s medical personnel and found to be in good condition, before they were handed over to coast guards who’d sailed out to the ship, it added.

Cruisehive said the rescue would not delay the cruise as the lost time could be made up ‘with a slight increase in speed’.

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