Care home sets up travel agency so residents can reminisce about holidays

By Lisa James
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A care home for people living with dementia has opened up a travel agency to help residents remember holidays they went on in the past.

It’s not a working travel agency, but it is set out like one, with brochures, world maps, posters and video footage of destinations.

The travel agency has just opened as part of an extension at Ashbourne Lodge care home in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

It’s in a new area of the home that also includes shops and a pub, and which has been designed by specialists to engage residents in meaningful activities and feel part of their community.

A spokesperson told Travel Gossip: “Ashbourne Lodge is a care home which specialises in dementia care and enriches lives through engagement and encouraging independence.

“It’s not a real travel agency – it’s a space where we can engage residents in reminiscence about travel and holidays. They can go on a virtual train journey with Joanna Lumley or look through old brochures.

“The travel agents is a part of our new extension and Market Hall which includes a florist, pub, shop, sweet shop, fashion room and nursery.”

Ashbourne Lodge Registered Home Manager Jim Watt added: “Life at Ashbourne Lodge is very different to other care homes.

“We want to enable individuals to have an enriched life here by supporting them to be as independent as possible, having a meaningful place in our community and with purposeful living at every opportunity.

“We are proud of the work that’s gone into ensuring this new part of the care home is perfect, and designed specifically for those living with dementia.”

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