Canary Islands eases entry rules for vaccinated Brits

By Lisa James
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The Canary Islands has fallen closer in line with the rest of Spain and is no longer requiring vaccinated British holidaymakers to provide a negative COVID test.

The Canary Islands Official State Gazette reports fully vaccinated visitors and those who have had one dose at least 15 days and no more than four months prior to arrival, will not now need to be tested.

The Gazette reports the Canary Islands Ministry for Tourism has started making changes to its websites in expectation of the amendment. Travel Gossip is awaiting official confirmation from the tourism office.

It comes two weeks after Spain added the UK to its ‘safe list’ of countries.

The rest of Spain, including the Balearics, does not require British visitors to provide a negative COVID test to enter the country, as long as they have not been anywhere else for 14 days.

This applies to every UK visitor, not just those who’ve been vaccinated.

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