CAA’s festive packing advice ahead of Christmas travel

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It’s that time of year again where the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is issuing its packing advice to travellers flying over the Christmas period.

The regulatory body is warning them to pack items correctly to ensure packages and presents make it to their destination in one piece.

Among its top tips for the season, the CAA is reminding what travellers must do if they are taking batteries with them for gifts.

If travelling with lithium batteries, passengers must ensure these are in carry-on baggage, this includes vapes and e-cigarettes. Power banks or spare batteries must be in a cabin bag.

Additionally, party poppers are banned from aircraft, while Christmas crackers can be carried but must be in their original packaging. 

Different carriers may have slight variations, so the CAA’s advice is to check with the airline directly.

The CAA’s Interim Group Director for Safety and Airspace Regulation Tendai Mutambirwa said: “Christmas is one of the busiest times for international air travel with people flying across the world to see friends and family. Almost all of them will be carrying their own devices or presents that contain lithium batteries.  

“Our advice to passengers will help them understand the rules for carrying devices and batteries so everyone can power up the holiday spirit responsibly.”

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