Brits warned of increased risk of terror attacks in Kenya

By Lisa James
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The Foreign Office is warning British travellers to Kenya of an increased risk of terror attacks during April.

It follows an announcement that Kenya’s police service is boosting security throughout the month.

The FCDO has updated its advice to say British nationals should be ‘more vigilant’ during April, with Ramadan expected to start on the second or third day of the month, lasting for 29 to 30 days and the Christian Easter Festival on 17 April.

The FCDO said: “There is a heightened risk of terrorism during religious holidays. During this period, British nationals are advised to be more vigilant.”

It added attacks and terrorist kidnappings could target Westerners including British nationals.

However, the FCDO says indiscriminate attacks could occur at any time, including in places frequented by Westerners, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, coastal areas including beaches, airports, buses, trains and other transport hubs.

Read the statement by the National Police Service Kenya here.

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