Brits want airports to get back to basics

By Lisa James
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UK airports need to focus their attention on getting people onto their flights rather than trying to get them to go shopping, research conducted by World Travel Market London shows.

When asked to identify one specific improvement they would like to see at the airport, most responses related to the passenger handling functions. The strongest demand was for better and faster check-in options, identified by more than 30% as the top priority.

Other operational aspects of the airport experience on UK travellers’ improvement wishlist included better security (19%), better boarding (13%) and better baggage handling (9%).

Fewer than 6% of the sample called for better food and drink, with only 2% saying airports could be improved with more shops.

Elsewhere, around 10% want to see cheaper parking options, with a similar proportion calling for either a better arrivals experience or improved departure lounges.

At the same time, most respondents – 70% – accept that the current level of airport security is necessary, with only 14% thinking measures need to be reduced. 

WTM London Exhibition Director Juliette Losardo said: “For many travellers, the airport experience does include getting something to eat or buying something you might have forgotten to pack. 

“But our survey shows a clear demand from travellers for airport operators to get better at the functional aspects and to improve how quickly passengers and bags are checked in, how quick it is to get through security and how easily flights are boarded.”

The research was carried out among 2,000 people for WTM London’s 2022 Industry Report.

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