British tourist loses leg after motorboat piloted by daughter crashes into him

Mannena beach where the incident happened
By Harry Kemble
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A British father has lost a leg after a motorboat piloted by his daughter hit him while he swam in the sea in Sardinia.

The 50-year-old man was reportedly hit by the propeller of the dinghy’s outboard motor when his daughter mistook the forward gear for reverse, according to local Italian media.

Doctors were unable to save the man’s badly cut leg after he was flown to hospital in Sassari in Sardinia by helicopter and it was amputated just below the knee.

As reported by The Times, a hospital spokesperson said: “Evidently the damage was so serious the doctors decided they needed to operate.”

“He was operated on the day he arrived here and is now recovering in intensive care, likely sedated.”

Galluraoggi reports that La Maddalena Coast Guard is now investigating what happened.

Coast Guard Commander Renato Signorini said: “The man was hit by the propeller when the boat undertook an incorrect and extremely dangerous manoeuvre.

“The boat went very close to the beach at Mannena, where the incident occurred. The man was conscious when the emergency services helicopter arrived from Olbia.”

The incident occurred on 5 July, when the father and daughter took a rented dinghy out in the Gulf of Arzachena near the town of Cannigione.

Last summer, a British woman died and her husband was critically injured when a speedboat they were riding collided with a water taxi off the coast of Turkey.

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