British tourist fighting for his life after 30ft balcony fall

Dan Boyle and Ashleigh Lomas
By Harry Kemble
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A British holidaymaker is fighting for his life in the Canary Islands after he fell from a third-floor hotel balcony.

Dan Boyle, 31, was on holiday in Lanzarote with his girlfriend Ashleigh Lomas, 30, when he tumbled over the balcony wall.  

He suffered a fractured skull, a fractured breast bone, a torn kidney and broken ribs in the 30 foot fall in April.

The MailOnline reports Mr Boyle was given CPR by another holidaymaker and was taken to hospital on the island, where doctors discovered he had pneumonia.

They believe Mr Boyle fell over the balcony because his lungs filled with fluid because of the chest infection which made his heart stop beating and them made him tumble over the balcony.

Later the dad-of-two was flown to a hospital in Gran Canaria, where he had brain surgery, an operation on his kidney and was put in an induced coma for four weeks.

The accident happened the day after the couple had started their holiday on 23 April.

Ms Lomas told MailOnline that the couple were ‘laughing and joking’ just half an hour before the fall.

She said: “He was perfectly fine. We were in the pool together half an hour before, laughing and joking.

“He had a little cough, but we didn’t think it was anything. It wasn’t a constant cough; it was just a little one so you wouldn’t think anything of it.”

She added: “It’s something that you would never expect to happen to you. Our children are just missing him, they just want him home.”

Mr Boyle, who has an eight-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son, is now out of the coma but is still unable to communicate with anyone.

He will need a specialist flight back to the UK, which costs around £35,000.

Toni Albiston, who is raising funds to fly Mr Boyle (pictured, left) home, said: “Dan is now stable enough to fly home but needs a medical flight and insurance will not cover this.

“We need to get Dan home to his partner and his two children.

“Anything that you can donate would be massively appreciated.”

To view the Go Fund Me page, click here.

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