British businessman attacks cabin crew after he’s refused veggie meal

Businessman attacks crew when refused veggie meal
By Harry Kemble
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A British businessman attacked two American Airlines flight attendants after he was refused a vegetarian dinner.

Robert David Croizat pinned a female cabin crew member against the cockpit door and pushed another when he was told that veggie meals were only served in first class.

The Sun reported that the man allegedly tried to storm the cockpit during the flight from Barbados to Miami and called one attendant ‘a s***** employee’.

Another passenger stepped in and forced the passenger back to his seat. The crew later placed a cart between the cabin and the cockpit to prevent the man from reaching the door.

Croizat admitted he had had two drinks and then ‘aggressively, demandingly and loudly’ asked to speak to the captain.

Court documents show that he thought the steward had been rude to him and ‘voiced his displeasure that only vegetarian meal options were available in the first-class cabin’.

“The captain called air traffic control to report the incident during the flight, informing air traffic control that there was an attempted breach of cockpit,” said the documents.

Croizat was arrested and pleaded guilty to misdemeanour assault at the Miami Federal Court on 10 May.

A second charge of interference with a flight crew was dropped.

Croizat had travelled to Miami to spend five days with his son.

Travel Gossip has contacted American Airlines for comment.

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