Bristol Airport offers PCR tests with results in four hours

By Steve Jones
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PCR COVID tests, which return results in four hours, have been introduced at Bristol Airport.

The testing centre opened yesterday and is located in the main terminal, just before security.

The four-hour turnaround will give those booking last-minute flights the opportunity to obtain a test, if required, the airport said. It costs £120.

The centre, operated by Katalyst Laboratories and Nuffield Health, is also open for non-travel related purposes.

Head of Customer Services at Bristol Airport, Richard Thomasson, said: “As an approved private screening provider, customers can be assured that all tests offered by Nuffield Health are highly accurate and meet the required standards for international travel.

“As we prepare to welcome more passengers to the Airport, it is important that we can provide this facility to enable customers to easily access COVID-19 testing services before they fly.”

Along with the four-hour option, PCR tests which return results in 48 hours, for £75, and lateral flow tests with results in 20 minutes, are also available for £40.

 Customers can book a test through the Nuffield Health online booking portal.

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