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By Linsey McNeill
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Grandparents won’t be able to take their grandchildren to see Santa in Lapland this Christmas without a parent or legal guardian.

Under Finland’s post-COVID rules, only fully vaccinated travellers and also children born after 2005 are allowed to enter the country quarantine-free.

But children under 15 must be accompanied by a vaccinated parent or legal guardian, it says.

Inghams, which operates a popular Santa’s Lapland programme, said this means that grandparents or family members aren’t able to take children under 15 to Finland unless accompanied by the child’s legal guardian.

Inghams said: “Should our customers find the above entry requirements will impact a member of their party they have the option to postpone their holiday to a later date with no fees.

“We are currently working with our customers to understand if any of our customers will need to amend their bookings.”

The operator said this week that 72% of this winter’s Lapland and 88% of its Santa breaks are full.

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