Barbados tweaks entry test rules

By Lisa James
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Barbados has added rapid antigen test results to its list of approved tests for entry.

The tourist board, Visit Barbados, said: “Travellers to Barbados will have more options with the acceptance of rapid antigen tests for entry, once administered by a healthcare provider no more than one day prior to arrival in Barbados.

“In addition, in-transit passengers will not be required to test in order to transit through Barbados.”

It added: “Travellers can also expect to see changes to the Grantley Adams International Airport experience.

“All paper forms previously distributed onboard aircraft arriving in Barbados will be discontinued.

“In addition, travellers will once again utilize the more spacious main arrivals hall, instead of the temporary Gate 14-16 arrivals hall previously stood up to manage port health entry checks and testing during the pandemic.”

The announcement comes a week after Barbados ended its curfew.

Barbados said self-administered swabs, shallow nasal swabs and saliva tests are not accepted.

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