Barbados lifts curfew as leisure activities resume

By Linsey McNeill
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Barbados has lifted its night-time curfew and given the go ahead for many leisure activities to resume.

Health Minister Ian Gooding-Edghill said in a press conference yesterday that the Caribbean island was ‘moving back to opening’.

He added: “I am sure that restaurants and other authorised dining facilities will want to fully cater to the pent up demand of Barbadians and visitors on this extra special day. 

“Patrons will no longer have to watch the clock.”

Other changes announced yesterday include a relaxing of social-distancing rules, hiking will be allowed again in group of up to 30 people, private boats will be allowed to operate at 100% of their authorised capacity and party cruises will be allowed to resume.

Also, there will be no restriction of beach activity and parks, which will no longer be forced to close from 7pm.

Visitors from the UK must present a negative PCR test taken in a clinic no more than three days before they arrive.

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