Bali considers £80 tourist tax to deter ‘cheap’ visitors

Bali tourist tax
By Linsey McNeill
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Bali has confirmed that it is considering slapping tourists with a tax of up to £80.

Minister for Tourism Sandiago Uno told journalists the idea is still up for discussion, but Bali’s tourism board is keen.

Tourism Board Chair Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana believes the fee would improve the quality of tourists visiting the island, according to the Australian Financial Review.

It quoted him saying: “Income from the tourism tax would help fund a range of measures and prevent Bali from becoming known only as a cheap destination.

“Cheap destinations bring in cheap tourists who tend to cause a lot of problems.”

The Indonesian Government is considering a tax of $45 to $150, or £24 to £80.

Ministers are understood to want to set the tax high enough to deter rowdy, badly behaved tourists, but not so high that it damages business to the island, which is heavily dependent on tourism.

In March, the Tourism Board revealed it was considering other measures to improve tourists’ behaviour, such as a tourist handbook and billboards around the island explaining what is considered acceptable.

The announcement followed a number of incidents of tourists behaving badly, including one Russian posing naked in front of a sacred site.

So far this year, 101 foreigners, including eight Brits, have been deported from the island for a mixture of bad behaviour and visa issues. The figure also includes 27 Russians, seven Nigerians, seven from the US and six from Australia.

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