Balearics brings in new laws to make islands ‘fully sustainable’

By Steve Jones
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Balearic tourism chiefs have unveiled a series of measures which they claim will transform the islands into ‘fully sustainable’ holiday destinations.

The €55 million project will encourage all businesses to adopt new laws that limit the use of plastic and paper use, prioritise locally-sourced food and require the use of elevating beds to minimise workplace accidents.

The latter measure will require replacing 300,000 beds across the islands.

The regulations will see a ‘complete modification’ of the way hotels are classified with scores for sustainability, such as using renewable energies and the use of paper and plastic.

Among the new rules are the banning of single-use bathroom amenities with hotels told to replace the use of paper with QR codes.

It will also include the compulsory installation of both double push buttons on hotel WC cisterns, and water-saving devices on washbasin, bathtub, and shower taps.

Balearic Islands President, Francina Armengol said: “The tourism sector in the Balearic Islands is primarily interested in continuing to adopt cutting edge tourism innovation, enabling the advancement of “a transformation which has been in the running for some time”.

“The new laws bring together a series of measures which will allow a more inclusive and sustainable form of economic growth; an improvement to the cohabitation of workers, residents and tourists; a more efficient use of resources; as well as boosting public-private collaboration, in line with the guidelines established for the allocation of European funds”.

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