Balearics and mainland Spain tighten entry rules for Brits

By Lisa James
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British visitors to the Balearics will have to prove they’ve been fully jabbed or show a negative PCR test in order to enter the country, under new rules coming into force this week.

The new regulations also apply to mainland Spain, but the greatest effect is expected to be on demand for travel to the Balearics, as the islands were added to the UK’s green list last week and operators boosted capacity.

Mainland Spain remains on the amber list.

The Spanish Government has revoked the policy it introduced on 24 May, when it said British visitors wouldn’t be required to provide a negative COVID test to enter the country, as long as they have not been anywhere else for 14 days.

The rule applied to all UK visitors, not just those who’ve been vaccinated.

According to reports, Spain’s President Pedro Sánchez said Spain  and the Balearics now required proof of full vaccination or a negative PCR test from UK visitors.

He said: “We are going to apply the same requirements to British tourists as to European tourists.”

A spokesperson for the Spanish Tourist Office on London confirmed the new rules, saying legislation is due to be passed in Spain’s parliament on Tuesday with the rules coming into effect 72 hours later.

The spokesperson said the STO is awaiting confirmation on entry requirements for children.

The change in legislation follows a tightening of restrictions for British visitors entering Malta and Portugal.

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