BA to allow male pilots and crew to wear make-up and accessories

By Lisa James
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British Airways has updated its policy on make-up and accessories for cabin crew and pilots, with changes coming into effect on Monday.

The airline says male employees can wear mascara, earrings and nail varnish, or tie their hair up in a ‘man bun’ if they choose.

Accessory changes have also been made to luggage, meaning handbags can now be carried by any member of staff who wants to do so. But tattoos still can’t be visible.

In an internal memo, the airline said ‘subtle shades’ of make-up for a ‘natural look’ will now be acceptable across the board.

The airline said it hopes the new guidance would be ’embraced by everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, background, culture, sexual identity, or otherwise,’ Mail Online said.

BA said in a statement: “We are proud of all of our colleagues at British Airways and we are committed to an inclusive working environment.

“We have worked with our people to create updated guidelines for grooming, beauty and accessories, allowing our colleagues to bring the best, most authentic version of themselves to work every day.”

BA hasn’t gone as far as Virgin Atlantic, which announced in September that pilots and crew could wear skirts, regardless of their gender.

BA is understood to be close to finalising a new uniform, after plans to update it were put on hold during the pandemic.

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