BA staff offered chunky bonuses as ‘pilots asked to fill in for cabin crew’

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By Linsey McNeill
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British Airways crew and ground staff are to receive thousands of pounds in bonuses as the airline industry struggles to cope with staff shortages.

BA pilots will receive 5% of their pay while cabin crew and ground staff are in line to get a more hefty 10% by the end of the year.

The airline described the bonuses as a ‘gesture of thanks’, which comes at a time when it is looking to recruit 3,000 more cabin crew.

It is reported to be so short of cabin crew as it ramps up its operations to pre-pandemic levels that the airline has asked pilots and ground staff to act as stand-ins.

BA said the scheme isn’t new, but it has been relaunched for all BA CityFlyer staff and BA mainline head office and non-operational staff. It is not open to BA mainline pilots.

The ‘Discovery’ scheme provides basic cabin crew training to ground staff and pilots. The blog Paddleyourkanoo says ground staff and pilots will be asked to fill in cabin crew on a temporary basis, until May.

The airline has apparently told staff the initiative is a way for employees to ‘meet new people in the business’ and ‘travel to a wide range of destinations’ while getting an insight into ‘what’s it is really like for our crew to do their job’.

In a statement a BA spokesperson said: “We are proud to have launched our British Airways colleague learning programme, Discovery, offering colleagues working in head office functions the opportunity to try their hand at an operational role on a temporary basis.

“Discovery will bring together our various customer support schemes into one, underlining our continued focus on putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, allowing more of the team at British Airways to work directly with our customers and making our operation even more resilient.”

Paddleyourownkanoo said BA has been offering serving staff an incentive bonus of £300 to recruit friends and family as cabin crew as it looks to take on thousands more this summer.

As an extra incentive, new recruits will get access to concessional travel deals from the day they start, rather than having to wait the usual six months, said the blog.

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