BA needs to quickly announce cancellation details, says its former boss

By Lisa James
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Former British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh has expressed surprise the airline has not yet given details of which flights will be cancelled this summer.

BA announced last week it will cancel more flights this month, although passengers still don’t know if their flight has been affected.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme, Mr Walsh, who is now IATA Director General, said: “I would hope that those flights that are being cancelled will be announced quickly. I’m surprised that they haven’t been announced.

“Certainly I believe it should have been announced as soon as they made clear they would be cancelling.”

He also hit out at Heathrow Airport, saying it ‘should have been better prepared’.

 “It’s right that these cancellations are made early because that will allow airlines and their customers to adapt to the revised schedule.

“There will be some disruption but not at the scale we have seen to date,” he said, adding ‘I believe there are solutions being put in place’.

Heathrow Airport hit back at Mr Walsh, who said: “Heathrow not meeting basic standards and its clear that it can’t going forward.

“They were arguing that airlines should be operating at least 80% of their slots throughout the summer period.

“They clearly did not provide sufficient resources to deal with that level of activity. So you would have to be critical of Heathrow, Mr Walsh concluded.”

Heathrow responded by saying: “What we need is collaborative working and investment in services to protect passengers, not ill-informed comments from retired airline bosses seeking to justify their own bonuses.”

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports Heathrow has cancelled more than 60 flights this morning and warned it could ask airlines to slash more capacity this summer.

Heathrow apologised for recent disruption, adding it would review the schedule changes made by airlines and ask them to take further action if necessary.

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