Anti-mass tourism group urges locals to occupy beaches in Majorca

Majorca beach protest
By Linsey McNeill
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A protest group is urging locals in Majorca to occupy the island’s beaches to raise awareness of their campaign to stop mass tourism.

A group calling itself Mallorca Platja Tour – Majorca Beach Tour – has organised an occupation of Sa Rapita Beach on the south coast from 10am on Saturday.

It said the event will promote a mass protest due to take place in Majorca on 16 June.

Last weekend, an estimated 10,000 Majorcans marched through the streets of Palma to complain about overtourism, and they are threatening to blockade the city’s airport during the summer peak.

The latest call to action from campaigners follows comments from Manuela Canadas, spokesperson for far-right wing party Vox, who said locals ‘cannot expect to go to the beach in July and August like we did years ago’.

In a post on Twitter/X, Mallorca Platja Tour wrote: “This Saturday, 1 June, we will meet to organise the big move for Sunday 16 June. You are welcome to contribute your ideas!” It used the hashtag #OcupemLesNostresPlatges (LetsOccupyOurBeaches).

A spokesperson for the Balearic Island authorities said it respected the right to ‘free and peaceful protests’ and it understood the challenges for residents around congestion and access to homes.

It added: “We welcome visitors but we also need to address the challenges.

“We have therefore created a committee aimed at developing a social and political blueprint for sustainable tourism to be able to take decisions in a rigorous manner, based on dialogue and data.”

Meanwhile, eight British tourists who clashed with police at the Balneario beach club in Illetas on the outskirts of Palma, during which a waiter and two officers were injured, have been arrested.

The brawl allegedly began when a waiter asked the group, which was part of a stag party, to stop throwing beer cans and rubbish into the sea.

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