Another UK-bound flight from Tenerife diverted due to ‘aggressive’ passenger

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By Harry Kemble
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A Ryanair flight from Tenerife to Liverpool had to be diverted to northern Spain after a passenger started acting aggressively on board.

Cabin crew on flight FR4347 on Sunday (21 May) told the captain that a man was being rude to them and other passengers, according to Canarian Weekly.  

Despite repeatedly asking him to calm down, the man continued to misbehave so the captain diverted to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, northern Spain.

Police were reportedly waiting for the plane when it landed.

They removed the passenger so the flight could continue to Liverpool. Travel Gossip has approached Ryanair for comment.

The diversion was the latest in a series of disrupted British flights to or from Tenerife.

In September 2022, a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Tenerife made an emergency landing in Porto Santo following a fight onboard, and last month a Jet2 flight from Tenerife to Glasgow diverted to Faro after a man peed in the cabin and intimidated other passengers.

Also in April, at least two flights from the UK were met by police on landing in Tenerife due to passengers fighting onboard.

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