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By Lisa James
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Travel Counsellor Sandra Robinson has become the second homeworker in the company to have a book published in the past few weeks.

Sandra, 67, started writing about her experiences of selling holidays three years ago, during COVID and the book covers a career that started at Thomas Cook, then British Airways and working for smaller independent agencies, before becoming a Travel Counsellor 23 years ago.

The book, called All Over the Place, is now on sale, published by Vanguard Press, part of Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie.

The publisher describes the book as ‘a light-hearted look at a career in the travel industry, peppered with anecdotes and incidents covering 45 years’.

It adds: “All Over the Place describes how we have moved into the digital age, along with stories of the many perks that come with the job.”

Sandra told Travel Gossip: “I went to college to do travel and tourism in 1975 and have been in travel ever since. When I was little, all my friends wanted to be nurses, but I wanted to be an air stewardess, even though I never really had any idea at the time what it involved.

“During COVID, I thought about how things have changed from when we used to write out paper tickets and all the new things that travel agents have to be aware of now, including Foreign Office advice, COVID rules and such like.

The front and back cover of the book is a photograph of some of the fridge magnets that Sandra has collected over the years and the book was recently given a plug on Travel Counsellors TV by CEO Steve Byrne.

“It’s really exciting to see it in my local bookstore, right at the front of the shop,” said Sandra.

“I think it will be a useful book for people who are starting out in the industry, while agents who’ve been working for a long time will enjoy looking back.

“I’d describe the book as observational – more Bill Bryson than Lonely Planet. It’s witty and anecdotal.

“I’ve had a good life as far as my travel career has gone and I’ve seen a lot of the world. I hope people will enjoy it.”

All Over the Place costs £12.99.

It’s the second book to be published by a Travel Counsellor in the past few weeks. Last month, Travel Gossip reported that homeworker Nicki Harrison has published the first of a fantasy trilogy.

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