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Amsterdam’s council is reportedly closing down its main cruise terminal, saying ‘polluting’ cruise ships don’t align with its sustainability plans.

The D66 party, which runs the city along with social democrats and environmentalists, said in a statement: “Polluting cruise ships are not in line with the sustainable ambitions of our city,” AFP news agency reported.

“The task for Amsterdam is now to reduce the number of tourists. All parties in the city must contribute to this, including the cruises,” the statement added.

BBC News said D66 leader Ilana Rooderkerk recently compared cruise tourists to a ‘plague of locusts’ descending all at once on the city.

“Cruise ships in the centre of the city don’t fit in with Amsterdam’s task of cutting the number of tourists,” she said.  

And Mayor Femke Halsema complained last year that cruise tourists were let loose for a couple of hours, ate at international chains and had no time to visit a museum, consuming the city but doing little for it, the BBC added.

Sustainability concerns aren’t the only reason for the closure. The plan has been in the making since 2016, according to Maritime Executive and the council wants to build a bridge over the river IJ, where the cruise terminal is.

“The bridge would not be possible if cruise ships have to pass through in order to reach the cruise terminal, the publication said.

“For cost and accessibility, the city would like to build the bridge to a height of just 30 feet, far less than what a cruise ship requires.”

There is no timeline for the planned closure.

In March, Amsterdam launched a hard-hitting advertising campaign telling young British men looking for sex, drugs and booze-filled visits to stay away.

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