Americans told to avoid more of Europe as Cyprus drops last EU state from safe list

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By Linsey McNeill
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The US Government is urging Americans to avoid travelling to three more countries in Europe due to rising cases of COVID-19.

Its warning came as Cyprus removed Malta from its green list, meaning there is no longer any restriction-free travel from any EU-member state to the island.

The US Department of State has issued a Level Four: Do Not Travel advisory for the Czech Republic, Hungary and Iceland.

It said the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had indicated ‘a very high level of COVID-19’ in the three countries.

The travel advisory was issued on 15 November after all three countries reported increased infection rates.

The US was already advising against non-essential travel to 78 other countries, including the UK.

Figures from the World Health Organisation reveal that the Czech Republic reported 5,670 new cases in the previous 24 hours while in Hungary the number of new cases rose to 21,060 and in Iceland they reported 149.

The US travel advisory doesn’t prevent US citizens from visiting any of the three countries, but it recommends that those who must travel are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

However, the CDC has lowered its COVID-19 travel advisory to ‘Level One: Low’ for Japan, India, Pakistan, Liberia, Gambia and Mozambique.

Meanwhile, Cyprus has removed the only remaining EU member state from its green travel list due to rising cases of COVID in Malta.

It means that everyone travelling to Cyprus from all EU states must be tested unless they are vaccinated or can prove they’ve recently recovered from COVID.

UK holidaymakers are able to travel to Cyprus but they must be fully vaccinated or recently recovered or take a negative COVID test prior to departure and a second on arrival.

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